Hey there! 👋 My name’s Christine; I’m a San Francisco-based designer who's a sucker for sappy sentimentalies and pleasantly surprising folks with things they didn’t know they needed. ✨

Currently designing at Google; on my free time, you'll hear me gushing over tweepop records over at BFF.fm, or trying my darndest at throwing ceramics.

Projects & Goodies

Device Framing Kit

A Sketch tool that uses nested symbols to help you frame mobile mocks into a myriad of phone options. Great for lazy folks who hate having to hop to various apps just to put a mock in a device (eg myself).

Mock up some devices 📲

Table Resource

One of my first explorations of Sketch styles and symbol overrides; this is a Sketch UI kit made as a starting point to help you design and build tables for the web. This kit includes navigational menus, rows, various selectors, and Material 1 icons.

Explore ways to organize your data 📒

It's A Rock Fact!

Inspired by the Cartoon Network miniseries Over The Garden Wall, it’s a digital version of the beloved Garden Rock. Open it up and wave it around as you declare your favorite rock facts.

Get out your rock facts 🗿